TribalVision Selected to Present at Merit Medical Systems 2013 Marketing Retreat

PROVIDENCE, RI- October 1, 2013

TribalVision, an outsourced marketing firm with offices in the U.S. and Belgium, is pleased to announce that it recently led a significant portion of the annual marketing training conducted by Merit Medical Systems, Inc. at Merit’s corporate headquarters in South Jordan, Utah.

Founded in 1987, Merit Medical Systems, Inc. is a worldwide designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices used in interventional and diagnostic procedures. Seeking to continue to expand top- and bottom-line growth within the upcoming decade, Merit’s leadership understands the growing importance marketing will play to achieve this objective. As such, Merit recently sought a marketing firm that could enhance the program at its annual marketing training. Merit selected TribalVision Directors Chris Ciunci and Damien Cabral to present and speak to its marketing department.

Chris Ciunci stated, “I am honored that Merit Medical Systems has placed its confidence and trust in TribalVision with such an important role. It’s amazing what Merit has accomplished in its 26 year history, and I look forward to transferring TribalVision’s marketing acumen to an already accomplished team of marketers.” Cabral continued by stating,” I am thrilled that a company of Merit’s stature and reputation has selected us to help conduct their marketing training. From all of the companies Merit could have chosen, they chose TribalVision, which speaks to the depth of knowledge and level of marketing experience we have accumulated working with our clients over the years.”

The marketing training consisted of a presentation touching on the marketing revolution currently taking place in the marketplace followed by three sub-topic presentations that included more granular frameworks and best practices that can be directly applied to Merit’s marketing efforts.

About TribalVision

TribalVision is an outsourced marketing firm whose mission is to help businesses and organizations market smarter. As a marketing department for hire, TribalVision is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to the traditional marketing solutions available to the global business community. TribalVision offers its clients marketing strategy development, channel-mix optimization, tactics implementation, and executive leadership services. TribalVision is transforming the traditional marketing landscape by focusing on interactive e-marketing channels that often cost less, deliver more and are more measurable versus the standard suite of channels that have been broken for quite some time.

About Merit Medical

Founded in 1987, Merit Medical Systems, Inc. is engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of proprietary disposable medical devices used in interventional and diagnostic procedures, particularly in cardiology, radiology and endoscopy. Merit serves client hospitals worldwide with a domestic and international sales force totaling approximately 200 individuals. Merit employs approximately 2,850 people worldwide with facilities in Salt Lake City and South Jordan, Utah; Angleton, Texas; Richmond, Virginia; Maastricht and Venlo, The Netherlands; Paris, France; Galway, Ireland; Beijing, China; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Rockland, Massachusetts.

Launch of SEO & Web Ltd a fresh-thinking digital marketing agency with a difference

SEO & Web Ltd, a new digital marketing agency, is soon to launch with a fresh-thinking and innovative approach towards digital marketing. Specialising in a wide variety of areas, which includes SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Digital PR, web design and development, as well as content marketing,  to give businesses across the UK and beyond a natural, organic marketing edge online.

“When working with us, your business will benefit from our expanding digital marketing knowledge base,” says Simon Knapp, Head of Search, SEO & Web Ltd. “Our team continually keep on top of the latest and greatest digital marketing methods and techniques so we can offer services not commonly seen by our competitors for quite some time.”

Their primary objective is to give businesses strategically effective and honest marketing advice. Then, its team of knowledgeable and adept professionals will work alongside customers using their own insight to deliver best-in-class digital marketing techniques to establish a superior web presence ahead of industry rivals.

“We are committed to providing a first class service and we always work above and beyond to ensure your business achieves its objectives and goals and moves in front of the competition,” adds Simon Knapp ‘head of search’.

In spite of its launch being recent, the team behind SEO & Web Ltd bring together years of online experience, which has already helped several businesses succeed in London, Ipswich, Basildon, Colchester, Chelmsford, and elsewhere. “We are immensely proud of our client loyalty and this has only been achieved because of our policy to always exceed customer expectations.”

Digital marketing services:

With extensive services to choose from, your organisation’s digital marketing requirements can now be fulfilled by one team. Customers can choose to capitalise on one or all of the following:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - By utilising Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, your business can improve its ranking position on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is no mean feat and requires a certain set of specialist skills. Customers can expect to receive the very best insights and action.

“When working on an SEO campaign with us, we look in detail at the way search engines work, we look at what people actually type into the engines to get the results they are looking for and we also look at what the most popular search engine of choice is for your target audience.”

Web Design and Development - Even if your business appears at the top of a search engine results page, you will still need an attractive and engaging website for visitors to browse through and buy from. This is yet another area of accomplished expertise. The comprehensive web design and development services include: :

●     Bespoke websites - One-of-a-kind websites that not only make a great first impression, but also keep visitors interested in the content.

●     eCommerce websites - Built to capitalise on the comprehensive commercial potential of the internet and maximise ROI

●     Content Management Systems (CMS)- Giving the client the freedom to manage their website’s content easily at any time.

●     Content writing - Compelling copy and informative blogs that will keep visitors coming back for more

●     Professional hosting services - To ensure your website is always available with a 99.9% uptime and frequent backups.

●     WordPress web design - Websites built on  the world’s biggest open-source content management system

●     Branding and design - To update the image or improve the identity of your business with a complete branding redesign

“At SEO & Web Ltd, we will work hand in hand with your business to create a website that doesn’t compromise on speed, style, functionality, or quality. Our passion for web design and attention to detail means that your website will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management - Whereas SEO is concerned with boosting ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ search engine results, PPC relates to advertising. This way, you can position your website’s link at the very top of a results page based on the keyword customers are searching for. But with similar businesses competing for the same advertising space, PPC campaigns need to be handled by professionals with years of experience in the field.

“In our opinion, this type of advertising is better than all of the other more traditional forms of advertising that businesses can invest in and we’re happy to explain why. Businesses will only have to pay if people are actually clicking on the advert and being transferred to the businesses website. No click no pay, it’s really that simple.”

Social Media Management - Studies show that the number of people active on social media is increasing, and that most people have a social media account of some kind. However, there are many businesses that are missing out on this massive marketing opportunity, even though it can promote your products and services while interacting with valued customers immediately. The use of social media from a business standpoint differs greatly from simply having a personal profile, and will not be effective if not managed by industry professionals.

“Social Media needs to be approached with caution as getting it wrong can be very bad for your business. As you can imagine, when running a business, this added pressure is a lot to handle. But, we’re here to help you get it right and as many businesses have already experienced, getting social media right can do absolute wonders for your business.”

Content Marketing - In order to improve SEO campaigns and social media activity, content marketing is often used. By creating pieces of content, such as a blog post or video tutorial, businesses can give their customers something engaging, useful, interesting, informative or entertaining to consume. But once again, the process of creating content, which also involves planning, distribution, and promotion, requires a great deal of time, effort, and expertise.

“By working with us, your business will be able to publish inspiring, provoking and thought leadership style content that will help your business gain more leads and conversions. Thanks to our experience in SEO, you can also be sure that your content will only appear on relevant, high authority sites enhancing your online presence.”

Digital PR - Some businesses believe that digital PR is only about press releases. However, it is a lot more extensive than that and can include any marketing technique geared towards making people aware of your business online. With the right digital PR strategy in place, you can noticeably boost brand awareness, build a positive online reputation, and increase those all-important conversions.

“We offer a range of bespoke and tailored digital PR services to help businesses of all sizes across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world improve their online presence. Our highly qualified team will deliver results that you can be proud of.”

Free website analysis:

Any business that wants to capitalise on the experience and expertise of SEO & Web Ltd can receive a free website analysis within 60 minutes during normal working hours by filling out a simple online form. The team will identify strong and weak areas of your site in addition to suggestions on how to improve and what to do next.

For more information about our services, contact:

SEO & Web Ltd

Address: Peershaws, Berewyk Hall Court, White Colne, Essex, CO6 2QB

Phone: 01245 333400


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Pam Bednar VP of Marketing of Growing Synchrono Technology Brand

Pam Bednar, VP of Marketing for Synchrono, began her career in the media working in both publishing and broadcasting, but was quickly hooked into the ever-changing world of technology marketing. For more than 20 years, Bednar has been growing established and emerging technology brands in domestic and global markets with an impressive track record of growth and value creation.  


Practiced in marketing communications, brand development, corporate marketing and product marketing, Bednar has been responsible for building marketing organizations and leading change initiatives while driving full product life cycle marketing efforts – including defining markets, product requirements, building brands and finding innovative ways to attract business.  Career achievements include a variety of new market introductions, market expansion, corporate identity/branding initiatives, building customer retention and channel programs and guiding the marketing efforts through various acquisitions and a highly successful IPO.


About Synchrono


Synchrono ( demand-driven manufacturing software synchronizes complex manufacturing environments in real-time, to drive business results.


For almost twenty years, Synchrono systems has helped discrete manufacturers, engineer-to-order manufacturers, and others manage constraints, improve flow and drive on-time production.


When integrated under the Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform, lean and demand-driven initiatives are taken to new levels of excellence, transforming businesses by synchronizing people, processes, machines, materials, and data to drive production flow from order inception to delivery.


The award winning Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform includes five system components, including a planning, scheduling, and production management system and ekanban software for real-time inventory replenishment and supply chain collaboration. The Synchrono Platform has a unique a data collection, historian, and automated workflow engine along with an application that generates automatic alerts, escalation and action plans to minimize disruptions. Perhaps most importantly, this technology provides a real-time visual factory information system.   Everyone at every level of a manufacturing organization has access to one version of the truth with a dynamic view of what is happening at every stage of the manufacturing process; from order inception through production and delivery.


The Platform components may be implemented independently or collectively to enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and an unprecedented foundation for communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement. The value proposition of Synchrono allows for the simultaneous exchange of data across systems and resources, the ability to respond to constraints and changes in demand as they occur, and to predict, pre-empt, and prioritize issues. 


Synchrono delivers a competitive edge. Follow the Demand-Driven Matters blog at and follow Synchrono on Twitter at @Synchrono_News.





Macy's Names Retail Veteran as Its New Marketing Chief
Macy’s Inc. named retail veteran Richard Lennox as the department chain’s new marketing chief starting Sept. 15, after a roughly four-month search.
Kickstarter to Fund a Marketing Automation Tool to Schedule Inspiration

CUPERTINO, CA (PRBuzz) Aug 2016 – AHAthat™ is an amazing marketing platform that helps you expand your influence by increasing quality moments in two ways: 1) there are over 30,000 AHAmessages (quotes) that you can share for free at the push of a button on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn; 2) you can write an AHAbook (a social media enabled eBook in 2-10 hours or as Joel Comm did it, in 20 minutes).

What if you were like most business people today? Too busy. Even if you had the content to share at your fingertips, you don't have the time to find and share the content you want to share on a regular basis?

This Kickstarter will solve that problem. It will allow anyone to schedule an entire AHAbook (140 quotes) in 1-2 minutes in a new tool called the AHAblaster. You can schedule one a day, two a day, three a day or for those that want to blast everything in a week, 28 times per day! With the AHAblaster, you setup the schedule and it will share for 5 days, a month, a quarter, or even two quarters. Yes, in just 1 minute you can schedule 2 quarters of content! Then you focus on the important thing: Interacting with those that touch your content. You can learn more about this campaign here:

Mitchell Levy, Chief Instigator of AHAs at AHAthat is very excited about this campaign and he said, “Become a thought leader and 'own' a topic in just five minutes with our AHAblaster! AHAthat is about sharing, authoring and promoting quality content. It's having the time to engage with your audience. Real Leadership.”

About AHAthat™:
AHAthat makes is easy to SHARE, AUTHOR & PROMOTE you. As the first AHAleadership (Thought Leadership) platform on the market, it allows you to 1) Easily build your brand by sharing others' quotes with proper attribution and 2) Show your expertise by creating your book in 8-10 hours and having others share your quotes.

There are over 30k quotes from recognized AHAleaders that you can share in seconds for free. All content on the platform is curated by THiNKaha which has published over 800 physical and eBooks.

About THiNKaha®:
THiNKaha makes it easy to create compelling content that helps turn corporate experts into recognized thought leaders. THiNKaha services include: Curation for the AHAthat, Thought Leadership Mentoring/Coaching, Book Publishing, Social Media, Traditional Media Coaching, Vetted Referrals, Producing and Repurposing Content for Shows like Thought Leader Life, and many other Thought Leadership Services, including the Creation and Support of Corporations' Thought Leadership Blueprints.

To have us help your corporation amplify its thought leadership, please contact Jenilee Maniti at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call (408) 257-3000.

Former Meteorologist Nguyen Quang Ngoc Helps Thousands Achieve Success With His Revolutionary ‘Marketing Hurricane”

The Vietnam-Based Entrepreneur and Self-Development Trainer – Also the Founder of Renowned Email Marketing Solutions Company SendMass - Has Worked With Over 14,000 Students Since 2010  

            Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam – August 22, 2016 - After receiving his Bachelor of Meteorology degree from the University of Vietnam, Nguyen Quang Ngoc took the most logical career path and secured a position with a government organization that used his ample knowledge and skills in weather forecasting and studying air patterns.

After working in that capacity for several years, Ngoc’s friend gave him a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the classic 2000 book by American businessman, author and investor Robert Kiyosaki. Reading and taking to heart the book’s timeless concepts about achieving success via ownership of high value assets that produce cash flow set Ngoc on a course that would change his own life – and ultimately the lives and careers of thousands of his fellow Vietnamese.

Ngoc began creating his own success story in a very organic way – by tapping into his knowledge of nature and weather patterns and applying the powerful metaphors inherent in those concepts to helping people market their businesses. Over the past five years as a self-development trainer, he has worked with 14,000 students and entrepreneurs ranging in age from 27-40. Some are like Ngoc was, seeking to get out of the daily grind of being an employee and start their own businesses, while others seek his expertise to help take their established businesses to a higher level.

Drawing on Ngoc’s powerful coaching, one of his students launched a yoga instruction studio and now teaches a total of 10,000 students, while another has helped 40,000 parents understand new, less violent approaches to child discipline. The first essential thing that students seek from Ngoc is a change in mindset – and a realization that they have the ability to control their own destiny and become successful.

Ngoc draws on his scientific background to explain the parallels between the natural principles behind real hurricanes and his Marketing Hurricane Model: He considers an effective marketing campaign like a hurricane which needs to go through five stages:

--Create the ocean. In this early stage, data is collected and money is secured.

--Heating up. The condition that forms a hurricane is the sea surface temperature, which must be higher than 26 degrees Celsius. The connection between buyer and seller must be warm enough.

--Get to the vortex. Low pressure is created so the air moves to the center to create the vortex. Normally in marketing, people trigger this by offering something big upfront.

--Transformation. In nature, this phase is where water vapor transforms to water drops; in marketing, this translates to selling things, delivering value, getting the money.

--Release. In this phase, Ngoc says, “we can see people buy the product, become happy with it and begin referring friends, which keeps more people coming and buying more.” 

Realizing that a positive mindset helped bring positive and lucrative financial and personal growth results into this life, he became a major enthusiast of the film and book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. He began sharing the book and film with many people in Vietnam via personal contacts and websites and blogs. When a publisher secured the licensing rights to do a Vietnamese translation, they called Ngoc to create it.

While developing his training and marketing business, Ngoc also became aware of another crucial niche that had yet to be tapped into by businesses in Vietnam: email marketing solutions. He had experienced the value of this in the wake of the many large seminars he had attended. When he returned home, they kept in touch with him and provided special content with regular and sometimes even daily messages. Sensing the need for Vietnamese business owners to use these solutions to grow their companies, Ngoc launched the groundbreaking service SendMass.

“I consider what I do on behalf of others to be enlightening work,” Ngoc says. “When people come to me, I am here to help them understand business and marketing from a deeper perspective. I get great joy knowing that I have helped them see the big picture of how my marketing techniques can help them take the initiative in their businesses and help them achieve their goals and success in life.”  


Read more at, or 

Media Contact:

Matt Collins

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Digital Nerds Marketing in Full Gear to Make Businesses Zip Past Marketing Goals

Philadelphia, PA– One can always trust a nerd when it comes to doing anything digital. However, the new economy fueled by sharing as well as disruption requires businesses to follow sustainable and effective marketing strategies. Can today’s marketing agencies fulfill these objectives?

Digital Nerds Marketing has an answer. As a full service digital agency, it is now offering every promotional tool and strategy known to work. Give them the driving seat and they will put pedal to the metal when it comes to promotional campaigns and digital strategies.

The difference between a good and bad web design may not always be obvious, or which SEO or web development strategy scores over conventional methods. This fast pace of change in the digital world led Michael Brooks and Ryan Anderson to form Digital Nerds Marketing in 2013. Their idea was to combine their vast marketing experience with the skill sets of a young breed of marketing professionals to offer businesses a faster ride to success.

In the year of foundation itself, Digital Nerd Marketing tasted success with its first iOS app which reached the top 50 in ranking soon after release. In another year, the agency had attracted the attention of the top UK firms which wanted to improve the way they listened, shared and interacted online.

As a full service marketing agency, Digital Nerds Marketing has a proven track record in increasing SEO rankings, and focuses on effective content marketing strategies to help forward thinking companies. With social media marketing, the agency is exploring the many ways that customers engage with brands. The other weapons in their arsenal include email marketing, advanced web analytics and pay per click campaigns.

“Our digital marketing agency has helped over 80 companies to increase consumer loyalty and find new customers online. Let Digital Nerds Marketing drive your marketing car down the right path to success,” said Michael Brooks.

About Digital Nerds Marketing

Our team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using social media.

To know more, please visit:


Top Marketing Company Beverly Hills Earns Recognition for its Web Design

This marketing company Beverly Hills will work with a company in order to help communicate the image of the brand to consumers in an effective manner. It is essential to have a website that is both visually appealing and is easy for users to navigate through. A company's website should also be able to provide consumers with important information regarding the brand. Website Growth, marketing company Beverly Hills, can create customized web design solutions for a range of companies.

Having a well-designed website can set a brand apart from others. Aside from the visual aspects of the website, this marketing company Beverly Hills provides SEO services that will make your website more visible on the web. Websites with high SEO content will be more highly ranked on popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Website Growth is acknowledge to be an optimal marketing company Beverly Hills due to its approach when it comes to working with clients. The team at Website growth takes great understanding in how the business world works and will ensure that all essential elements of a successful website are incorporated in your company. This marketing company Beverly Hills will work closely with clients to ensure that the client's needs are being met.

About Website Growth

A prestigious marketing company Beverly Hills, such as Website Growth, can set your company apart from competition. With web design and marketing solutions, your website can gain a prominent online presence that will drive more traffic to your business and increase sales. To contact this marketing company Beverly Hills, visit or call 310.235.1011.

Media Contact:
Amy Sanders
Company Name: Website Growth
Phone Number: 866.543.5885
Address: Beverly Hills, CA
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lead Gen Scout, A Marketing Agency For Small Businesses, Launches A New Website To Support Their Ever Growing Business.

Costa Mesa, California: August 15, 2016
Lead Gen Scout, a marketing agency for small businesses, launches a fresh, new website design to complement their ever growing business. The Orange County based marketing agency previously had an outdated website. It was not only confusing to clients visiting the site on clear offerings, but also confused clients on the pricing. offers an improved user interface, simplified pricing, clearer services and newly redesigned blog.

The website’s visually-driven design is stunning and displays the services in a compelling format. More than just beautiful, it’s easy to use layout offers clients the information they are looking for more quickly. Visit

“We are dedicated to providing marketing services focused on driving new business and a top-notch customer experience to our clients,” said Steven, CEO and founder of Lead Gen Scout. “We created a visually-driven website that showcases our services and resources to further enhance our renowned customer service experience.”

About Lead Gen Scout: Lead Gen Scout, Orange County’s Leading Online Marketing Agency, offers services including lead generation, web design & development, PPC and SEO. The client-focused agency is equipped with certified industry experts and offers an individualized approach to improving businesses’ web presence for their online success.

Media Contact:
Lead Gen Scout
Costa Mesa, California

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